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What’s the Difference Between Denturists and Dentists?

Health care, especially oral health care, is a complex industry that requires dozens of talented individuals to keep you healthy and happy. However, people have the tendency to group denturist, surgeons, orthodontists, and other specialties under the general term “dentist” without knowing what makes each position so special. Here are the major differences between a denturist and other experts in dentistry.

What Makes a Denturist Different?

A denturist is different from their fellow dental experts because they focus primarily on mechanical solutions to problems. These solutions include dentures, mouth guards, and retainers, all with the purpose of altering or straightening your smile. If a person is in need of these mechanical tools, a family dentist will recommend them to a local denturist.

How Do We Help Their Patients?

Despite the fact that dentures are becoming more common and advances in technology continue to make them more comfortable, many people who may be in need of dental implants are quite anxious at the prospect.
We know the benefits of a healthy smile better than anyone. If someone is
worried about needing implants, we have the experience to talk them through the process and calm their concerns.

Another important difference is the fact that we often create our own practices, rather than being a part of a larger clinic. This means that we’re able to spend more one-on-one time with patients and develop a deep understanding of their dental needs.

Experienced in Diagnosis and Surgery
While a dentist is able to diagnose your teeth and gum issues, they may need to
transfer you to a specialized surgeon to do the work. This can mean spending months on a waitlist as you try to manage your pain. Denturists are experienced in implant surgery and are often able to do any procedures on-site, saving you time and discomfort.

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