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History of dentures

Looking Back at the History of Dentures

At Expert Denture Clinic, we use the most advanced techniques and materials to craft a smile our patients will love. Denturists haven’t always been using the resin molds and-rays we use today, though.

They have changed over thousands of years, so let’s take a look at the long and interesting history of dentures.


Dentures and other dental solutions have been around for thousands of years, with some of the earliest European examples appearing in Italy around 700 BCE. These early dentures were simple, containing a mix of human and horse teeth, and usually fell apart quickly.

Although these dentures were poorly made, they were easy to produce and were quite popular among the wealthier members of society. They were the best solution to missing teeth in a time where dental care was poorly understood.

Dentures were not just a European invention, however, as the world’s earliest examples of false teeth appeared in Mexico around 2500 BCE and were made out of wolves teeth. False teeth also made their first appearance in Japan around the 16th century and were made of wood.

The Creation of Modern Dentures

As science and dentistry advanced, people began experimenting with new methods for creating false teeth.

George Washington, who legend says had a set of wooden teeth, really had a pair of dentures made of hippopotamus ivory as well as human and donkey teeth. The first modern pair of dentures was created in 1770 by Alexis Duchâteau, who was the first person to use porcelain in the construction process.

These teeth were not high quality and chipped easily, forcing Duchâteau to team up with another dentist, Nicholas Dubois De Chemant, to create a stronger structure and patent the first porcelain dentures in history.

Over the years, engineers and denturists have experimented with a variety of materials for dentures, including vulcanite, celluloid, and bakelite before finally settling on the acrylic resin, we use today.

Dentures are a tradition that goes back thousands of years, and Expert Denture Clinic is proud to carry on this tradition and help our clients smile with pride for years to come. Give us a call today at 204-334-0022 or visit us online to learn more about our advanced dental processes and materials.

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