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How dentures are made

How are Dentures Made?

The formation of dentures is no easy process and it takes proper consultation, design, and repeated appointments to ensure that they fit perfectly for you!

Here’s how we make that happen:

First, We Make a Model

Building dentures typically takes around five appointments to ensure that they will fit perfectly in your mouth. We begin by placing your existing teeth and gums into a tray to determine the outline of the mouth. As a result, a wax impression is formed.

Next, Construct a Stone Model

The wax impression from your teeth is then sent to the lab where they work on constructing a stone model of your teeth. This model helps to measure the amount of space in the mouth, as well as the room between each tooth. Before using the mold to manufacture the dentures, it needs to be inspected and approved by a dental lab.

The Manufacturing Process

After impressions of the oral tissue are finalized, a dental lab will use these models to build the dentures. They will construct each individual tooth and place it into the mold one by one to ensure the proper fit. It’s essential to establish a proper bite and a desirable appearance for the patient.

What’s Next?

The wait is over and you finally have the gorgeous smile you’ve been dreaming of! You will need to return to the dentist frequently during the first month to have adjustments made. It’s important to properly care for your dentures by cleaning them and taking them out at night to allow your oral tissue some time to relax. During the initial month when your mouth is getting used to dentures, a slight yawn or laugh may cause them to become dislodged. If this happens, make an appointment to see your dentist right away.


If you’re wondering if dentures are right for you, give us a call to make an appointment or visit our website for more information!

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