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Types of Mouth Guards and When You Should Wear Them

Good oral health is not all about brushing and flossing your teeth. Preventing dental injuries is also essential to keep your smile bright and healthy. Learn more about mouth guards and why you may need one to protect your teeth:

Types of Mouth Guards

Not all mouth guards are created equal. The ones that you can easily buy at a sporting goods store are much less sophisticated than customized mouth guards created by professional dentists. Different types of mouth guards have different pros and cons:

  • Stock mouth protectors: These can be found in most sporting goods stores. Although they come ready to wear, they can be uncomfortable and make breathing difficult.
  • Boil and bite mouth protectors: These mouth guards need to be boiled in hot water to soften the material they’re made of. Once placed in the mouth, they mold to the shape of your teeth.
  • Custom-fitted mouth protectors: These are the best option to ensure maximum protection for your teeth. Your dentist will examine your mouth and send images to a professional laboratory that will create a customized mouth guard to suit your needs. While this type of mouth protector is more expensive, it also feels more comfortable and protects your teeth better than the other types.

Why You Need a Mouth Guard

Dentists recommend that anyone who participates in sports should use mouth guards because they offer extra protection for your teeth. Overall, contact sports like hockey, lacrosse, and basketball pose a high risk of mouth injury. However, other non-contact physical activities like gymnastics or skiing can be dangerous for your oral health, too; if you suffer an accident, you can end up with chipped or broken teeth.

Approximately one-third of all dental injuries happen when people are playing sports. Even if you’re not a professional athlete, you can lower the risk of dental injuries by wearing a mouth guard. When it comes to your oral health, you’d better play safe!

Another good reason to use a mouth guard is if you suffer from bruxism, a disorder that causes involuntary teeth grinding at night. Sore jaw muscles, headaches, and sleep disorders are all symptoms of bruxism. Unfortunately, bruxism may also lead to fractures and teeth loss. While it’s important to investigate the causes of bruxism, wearing a mouth guard at bedtime is an essential step for protecting your teeth.

At Expert Denture Clinic, we have years of experience helping our patients take care of their smiles. If you need a customized mouth guard to give your mouth the maximum protection it deserves, come talk to our dental professionals. Contact us through our website or by calling 204-334-0022 to book an appointment.


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