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Top 5 Denture Misconceptions That Young People Have

Losing teeth is a part of life. No matter where you live, what you do, or when it happens, everyone is bound to lose a few more teeth than they like, but that doesn?t mean you have to go through your day hiding your smile!

Let’s take a look at some of the most common misconceptions about dentures and other myths surrounding dentures for young people.

The First Of Five The Denture Misconceptions: Dentures Are for the Elderly

Accidents, medical conditions, and sports injuries happen at all stages of life, but that doesn’t mean you have to live every day tight-lipped and embarrassed. The average person in their 20s has only 27 of their 32 teeth intact, meaning tooth loss is a condition that many people experience. Filling up the spaces left by those missing teeth with dentures will help stabilize the remaining teeth in your jawbone preventing further tooth loss.

The Second Of The Five Denture Misconceptions: Dentures Are Obvious

The days of wooden dentures and obvious fake teeth are long gone here at Expert Denture Clinic, as our staff know that a beautiful set of dentures is an effective set of dentures. When we start the process, our team will sit down and pick the right shades for you so that you can have the perfect smile. The only thing obvious about a new set of dentures is how amazing your smile is and the number of compliments you will get.

The Third Of The Five Denture Misconceptions: Dentures Prevent You From Eating

Unlike other dental appliances, like braces and retainers, which have lists of hard foods you cannot eat, dentures are strong enough to stand up to most of your favourite foods. Some patients report needing a little more time chewing their meals, but you can rest easy knowing you don’t have to skip any family dinners or parties. When difficulties in eating foods occur because your dentures are loose-fitting, it is time to get them relined.


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Expert Denture Clinic

If you have loose-fitting dentures, that need a same-day denture repair or it has been more than a year since you last visited a denturist, then you are invited to come down and see Dr. Odin Pajonk at Expert Denture Clinic.

Dr. Pajonk is a trusted denturist in your area that specializes in denture repairs, often completing the needed repairs the very same day you come in. That way you don’t have to go without teeth. While you visit, Dr. Pajonk will ensure your dentures fit properly and make recommendations based on your needs. 

Best of all the initial consultation is free with no cost or obligation whatsoever. Our goal is to ensure you have an amazing smile and highly functional teeth.

Call our clinic now at (204) 334-0022 to book your visit with Winnipeg Denturist Odin Pajonk.

The Fourth Of The Five Denture Misconceptions: Dentures Impact Your Speech

At the Expert Denture Clinic, we start every client’s experience by taking a 3D scan of their mouth and jaw. This allows us to create a set of dentures that do not add more material to your mouth than you had before which allows you to get used to the new appliance quickly. You may actually find your speech is greatly improved after getting your dentures

The Last Of The Five Denture Misconceptions: Dentures Are Expensive

The most damaging of the five denture misconceptions has been saved for the last. We believe that everyone should enjoy the smile they have, and that’s why we ensure that our denture services are cost-effective for any budget. Our team is proud to offer financing options for individuals and families who want to go through life with the confidence a superb smile can provide.

Now that we dispelled the most common myths and misconceptions about dentures, isn’t it time you saw a denturist? Whether it’s due to a rough hockey game or a medical condition, young and old Winnipeg residents can rest assured that dentures are the quick, comfortable, and affordable option for keeping their smiles strong and complete after tooth loss. Give our team a call today at 204-334-0022 or visit us online to book your free consultation for the perfect smile.

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David L

Finally got my smile back! Excellent work and great service. Extremely satisfied with the outcome.

Tracy H

Thank You Dr Odin. I have never been happy with the way my front teeth looked. I would not smile, I was not happy. My brother in law told me about you. You fixed my teeth and now I love my smile.?

Pat K

Quick call back. Got me in the same day. The repair was excellent and the owner is very friendly but also professional. Highly recommend Expert Denture Clinic

Ann P

Glad to have done business with you. I'm quite satisfied with my teeth. I recommend you to my friend.

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