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When to Visit Your Denturist

When you have restored a  bright and breathtaking smile with new dentures, it does wonders to boost your self-confidence. Like your natural teeth, your full and/or partial dentures need to be cared for and maintained. For many of our patients, this is often a matter of confusion caused by some common misconceptions. In order to clear that up, let’s talk about when exactly you should visit your denturist?

7 Signs That You Need To Visit Your Denturist

Changes inside your mouth occur due to many factors that require regular visits to your denturist. Weight gain or weight loss can affect how well your dentures fit. So does gum tissue and jaw bone shrinkage. Age and certain medications can also cause changes inside your mouth resulting in loose or poor fitting dentures.

The necessity of visiting your denturist might occur at different occasions. Some signs that it might be time to visit your denturist include…

  1. You are getting more and more food particles under your dentures.
  2. You are getting sores developing on your gums from your dentures moving around and not staying in place.
  3. You go through more and more denture adhesive to hold your dentures in place.
  4. It hurts to chew your food because you have a loose fitting denture.
  5. Your dentures fall out of your mouth (often landing in a toilet).
  6. Your dentures develop a crack or a tooth breaks off requiring a denture repair.
  7. One of your pets find your dentures and decides they make a great chew toy


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Expert Denture Clinic

If you have loose-fitting dentures, that need a same-day denture repair or it has been more than a year since you last visited a denturist, then you are invited to come down and see Dr. Odin Pajonk at Expert Denture Clinic.

Dr. Pajonk is a trusted denturist in your area that specializes in denture repairs, often completing the needed repairs the very same day you come in. That way you don’t have to go without teeth. While you visit, Dr. Pajonk will ensure your dentures fit properly and make recommendations based on your needs. 

Best of all the initial consultation is free with no cost or obligation whatsoever. Our goal is to ensure you have an amazing smile and highly functional teeth.

Call our clinic now at (204) 334-0022 to book your visit with Winnipeg Denturist Odin Pajonk.

If you experience any of these symptoms, then it might be time to book an appointment with your denturist. Oftentimes if you visit your denturist when you first experience these symptoms, small problems can be fixed, before it becomes a big and expensive denture repair, or worse you need new dentures.

Importance of Visiting the Denturist

You want to continue to enjoy your favourite foods and receive compliments on your amazing smile like you did when you first got your new dentures. That is why these regular visits are essential because they can help your denturist detect any problem areas with your dentures. Visiting your denturist will allow you to continue to feel confident and enjoy your favourite foods, so make sure to book regular visits to accomplish just that.

As mentioned above there are a number of reasons why you should visit your denturist.. Whatever the reason, you should visit your denturist one a year to inspect them and identify problem areas or they become loose. That way your dentures will continue to keep you feeling more comfortable and confident.

 Expert Denture Clinic is owned and operated by Winnipeg Denturist, Dr Odin Pajonk who specialises in denture implants, denture relining, soft liners, denture repairs, and more! If you think it’s time that you give us a visit, then contact us at (204) 334-0022 or visit our website to book an appointment!

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