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Premium quality Cosmetic Dentures instil confidence and provide optimum function while eating, speaking and laughing. Sophisticated instrumentation records facial and anatomical information to recreate your natural smile and the youthful facial contours of your lips and cheeks.

Our premium quality teeth duplicate natural characteristics and colours found in natural teeth. The contours found in our premium teeth are designed to match you skeletal type with feminine and masculine characteristics to accentuate your appeal.

The Art and Advantages of Cosmetic Precision Dentures

Esthetics  – Created with natural nuances, so you can speak, smile and laugh with confidence.

Contours – Naturally sculpted tissue surfaces, make Cosmetic Precision Dentures almost indistinguishable from natural tissues.

Health – Eat virtually any food efficiently and improve digestion.

Strength & Fit – Extremely dense materials provide a strong, secure non-irritating comfortable fit.

Biocompatibility – Dense aqualized materials aid in the prevention of stain and odour buildup.

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David L

Finally got my smile back! Excellent work and great service. Extremely satisfied with the outcome.

Tracy H

Thank You Dr Odin. I have never been happy with the way my front teeth looked. I would not smile, I was not happy. My brother in law told me about you. You fixed my teeth and now I love my smile.?

Pat K

Quick call back. Got me in the same day. The repair was excellent and the owner is very friendly but also professional. Highly recommend Expert Denture Clinic

Ann P

Glad to have done business with you. I'm quite satisfied with my teeth. I recommend you to my friend.

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Rossmere Plaza 8-1050 Henderson
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