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Did you know there are 16 different types of smiles?

Smiles are interesting and can be very powerful things. They can bring someone down from the edge of the roof, or transform our dullest days into one of our brightest moments.

Their impact is more than their cost, and if we are brave enough to give them, they can change the lives of those who receive them in ways we cannot even imagine.

  1. The Love Smile
  2. The Old Friend Smile
  3. The Fake Smile
  4. The Smug Smile
  5. The Passive Aggressive Smile
  6. The Reminiscent Smile
  7. The Face Ache
  8. The Little Smile
  9. The Victory Smile
  10. The Sisyphean Smile
  11. The Sleepy Smile
  12. The Surrender Smile
  13. The Psychotic Smile
  14. The Stranger Smile
  15. The Malicious Smile
  16. The Lonely Smile

Click here to read about what the 16 different types of smiles mean….


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David L

Finally got my smile back! Excellent work and great service. Extremely satisfied with the outcome.

Tracy H

Thank You Dr Odin. I have never been happy with the way my front teeth looked. I would not smile, I was not happy. My brother in law told me about you. You fixed my teeth and now I love my smile.?

Pat K

Quick call back. Got me in the same day. The repair was excellent and the owner is very friendly but also professional. Highly recommend Expert Denture Clinic

Ann P

Glad to have done business with you. I'm quite satisfied with my teeth. I recommend you to my friend.

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