Happy Client, happy denturist!

We understand that choosing the right denture professional can be a little daunting for some people. At Expert Denture Clinic, we always work hard to ensure our clients are not only happy with the end result but that we have made the experience as enjoyable as possible.


See what one of our recent clients had to say about dealing with us;


Hi Dr. Cholakis

 Joseph has had his lower plate now for a few months and is very happy with them. We are all very happy with Dr. Odin Pajonk. We are all aware that Joseph isn’t the easiest patient to handle, to say the least. Odin was very patient and  accommodating with Joe.

He made appointments that were convenient for us, made sure that Joe was comfortable during these appointments and concerned when Joe left –  that his denture felt good (no discomforts). We had to go in for only ONE adjustment and Joe hasn’t complained ever since.

Odin explained that when the denture is first done, they put a larger “nipple like” insert into the denture in order to “click in” the implant easily, then at a later date to put a smaller one in – to be certain that the fit is tighter and will not come off on its own. At the beginning Joe was having trouble  “clicking” them on and getting them off. Odin suggested keeping these original ones in as long as everything was working out.  This is where we are today and Joe couldn’t be happier. (We would hear about it if he wasn’t!)

Thank you for your work Dr. Cholakis and recommending Dr. Pajonk – as I would highly recommend him to any denture patient. Please pass this note along to him as Joe isn’t an easy man to please, and Joe is very pleased and we would like him to know that. J

 Kind Regards,

Linda Norton

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