Why You Shouldn’t Be Wearing Loose Dentures

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Wearing Loose Dentures

Today, dentures are designed to be much more comfortable than what was worn by previous generations. Even with improvements in technology, it’s still important to ensure that your dentures fit correctly. In fact, wearing loose-fitting dentures may do more harm than good, causing problems that range from difficulty speaking to poor digestion. 


Gum and Mouth Irritation

Loose dentures won’t form a solid bond between the denture materials and the underlying gums. This causes friction as the ill-fitting dentures move, which can result in irritated gums and a discomfort that can extend to nearby parts of your mouth or jaw bones. Sores may also develop in your mouth from poor-fitting dentures. Properly fitting dentures, however, can help keep gum tissue healthy.

Difficulty Speaking

When dentures are first worn, it’s normal to have some difficulty enunciating, although pronunciation typically improves over time. If you are wearing dentures that are loose, though, you may have continued difficulty to speak clearly or to carry on conversations without your dentures slipping out of place. Mouth movements related to laughing or speaking loudly can also cause loose dentures to slip.

Eating and Digestion Issues

If dentures are excessively loose, it can be difficult to properly chew and digest food. You may also be unable to fully chew food that’s tough or crunchy, which could present certain risks while swallowing. Regularly eating food that’s not thoroughly chewed could also contribute to digestive issues like indigestion, heartburn, constipation, and low energy.

Changes in Facial Appearance

If loose dentures are worn long enough, your facial appearance can change. This is because well-fitting dentures take over the role of natural teeth and help maintain the shape of your cheeks and jaw. Changes in facial appearance could be even more noticeable if you stop wearing your dentures because they “don’t feel right,” since a toothless mouth can also have an altered shape. Not wearing your dentures too often also defeats the purpose of having them in the first place.

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